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What do different Mass payment statuses mean?

After Mass payments have been uploaded you will see their status. Please see below what different statuses mean:

  • Declined – The mass payment file has errors and cannot be uploaded. Please see the error to fix the problem.
  • Under review/ Invalid – There are problems with payments inside the document (e.g., the customer tries to make an internal payment through the SEPA payment type).
  • Awaiting signature – Waiting for the first or second signature (or both)
  • In process – Payments are being processed
  • Executed – Payments in the document are completed
  • Partially Executed – Some of the payments have been executed and some haven’t (e.g., you made 10 payments, only 8 got executed and 2 got cancelled)
  • Rejected – Payments have been cancelled by the payments/AML team
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