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How to submit Mass/Bulk payment?

1. Log in to your Valyuz online banking and select the option Mass Payments.

Select what type of payments you will be making; SEPA/SWIFT or Internal payment (Picture 1).

Please click the ‘’Instructions section” in Valyuz online banking and download the relevant CSV file for the mass payment (please make sure to check if you have the right file every time before making the mass payment) (Picture 2).

Picture 1

Picture 2

2. Please check all the details:

Mass payment has some criteria that must be followed in order for the payment to be processed correctly:

  • The size of the document should not exceed 5 MB and no more than 500 payment entries per file.
  • The file must be saved in CSV format (Picture 3)
  • Excel format must be General (Picture 4)
  • All required fields are filled in
  • No formulas can be left
  • Ensure that there are no spaces or gaps left in the Payment Amount, IBAN and SWIFT code. If you do copy and paste bank details, please make sure that no spaces are left in the front or the end of the IBAN or SWIFT codes.

Picture 3

Picture 4


3. Submit all fields in a Mass payment file

There are 2 fields that the customer must fill in the downloaded spreadsheet: mandatory and optional.

You must fill in all required fields, however, we also recommend filling in optional fields for a smoother and quicker payment process


4. After all payments were entered, it is important to add the below information in the last row:

  1. The total amount of payments (Please make sure there’s no formula left here)
  2. Number of payments
  3. Currency

5. Make sure you entered SEPA, SWIFT or Internal payments separately.

They should be uploaded in different Mass Payment files. If you upload everything together, the system will give you an error and will not allow you to finalize it.

6. If any error is made you will receive an error message (Picture 5).

Once the message is closed can find a list of what mistakes have been made in the file and the exact location of them in your excel file (Picture 6).

Picture 5

Picture 6


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