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What are the benefits of Valyuz?

Valyuz offers a number of benefits to its corporate clients. With Valyuz you can send and receive international transfers that are available in 212 countries in over 35 different currencies. Our clients from all around the world can take advantage of SEPA transfers, dedicated IBANs, competitive fees for currency exchange, debit cards, web and mobile apps, and many other benefits.

  • With a Valyuz account, you will be able to send and receive funds easily across the world with main currencies and low fees.
  • Receive your own Dedicated IBANs under your company name and use your IBAN to send and receive payments in major currencies such as EUR, USD and GBP (and many others).
  • Our Valyuz debit card program will allow you to pay for goods and services online and offline, also withdraw money in major currencies at ATMs all over the world.
  • Manage your account via desktop, mobile, in a fast, simple and reliable way.
  • Have your Personal Account Manager who will support you throughout your journey with Valyuz and will make your banking experience hustle-free.
  • Enjoy our responsive Valyuz support team. Our goal is to assist you in every step, be there when you need us and build a long-lasting relationship.
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